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Writing (and Selling) the Mystery Short Story - Guppies Chapter, Sisters in Crime
August, 2017

Master the Three-Act Structure - SavvyAuthors
November, 2017


Panelist - Hollihock Writers Conference - New Bedford, MA
August 27, 2017

Panelist - Crime Bake - Woburn, MA
November 4, 2017

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Ford City Anthology (non-fiction)
Essays on the craft of writing
Urban Farmhouse Press (2016)

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A  Dictionary of Made-Up Languages (non-fiction)
Includes how to create your own made-up language
Adams Media (2011)

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Now Write! Mysteries (non-fiction)
TarcherParigee (2011)

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Articles on Writing

Murder Ink - "Anything You Say... Tips for Effective Dialogue"

Murder Ink - "Don't Fire Blanks: Aim for Accuracy in Your Mystery!"

Murder Ink - "Reading to Write: Staying in Touch with Mystery Fiction"

Murder Ink - "Somebody Call a Cop! Writing About Law Enforcement"

Murder Ink - "White Collar Crime"

Murder Ink - "Beginings, Middles and Ends: Crafting the Mystery"

Murder Ink - "Don't Drop Clues; Place Them Carefully!"

Murder Ink - "Find the Motive, Find the Killer!"

Murder Ink - "From Cozy to Caper: A Guide to Mystery Genres"

Murder Ink - "Knock 'em Dead... Laughing!"

Murder Ink - "Red Herrings"

Murder Ink - "The Scene of the Crime: Choosing Your Setting"

Murder Ink - "Writing the Cozy Mystery"

Murder Ink - "Writing the PI Mystery"

Fact To Fiction - "Where Do Stories Come From?"

Fact To Fiction - "Finding Places For Your Stories"

Fact To Fiction - "Who Is Your Character?"

Fact To Fiction - "What's Your Character's Motivation?"

Fact To Fiction - "How Do You Make Actions Realistic?"

Fact To Fiction - "Dialogue is Deceptively Simple"

Fact To Fiction - "Include Whole People In Your Dialogue"

Fact To Fiction - "Know When To Answer The Questions"

Fact To Fiction - "The Technical Aspects Of Fiction Writing"

Fact To Fiction - "Rewrite The End Of Your Novel"

Fact To Fiction - "Rewrite The Beginning Of Your Novel"

Fact To Fiction - "Sell Your Story"

"Write for E-Anthologies and Sell!" - eBook Ecstacy

"Write Poetry that Sells" - Writing For Dollars

"De-Mystify the Mystery" - Author Source
"Dialogue in Mysteries" - The Writer Gazette
"Don't Fire Blanks" - Purloined Newsletter
"Mean Streets and Friendly Editors" - Writers Digest
"Plotting the Mystery" - The Writers Room Magazine

Other Non-Fiction

A Dictionary of Made-Up Languages (Adams Media)
The Greenwood Encyclopedia of Science Fiction and Fantasy: Themes, Works, and Wonders (Greenwood Press)
The Internet Review of Science Fiction
A Miscellany of Murder (Adams Media)
My First Year in the Classroom (Adams Media)
Now Write! Mysteries (Tarcher/Penguin)

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